Club History

William Bell, Idaho Falls Country Club Architect

The History Behind the Idaho Falls Country Club.

The Idaho Falls Country Club embarked on a new and exciting program for the benefit and participation of interested, responsible people in the upper Snake River valley. In existence since 1947, and occupying a facility adjacent to the Idaho Falls Municipal Golf Course, the IFCC felt increasing pressure to move out and build and operate¬†it’s own private golf course. Eventually an opportunity presented itself to sell the old property.

The IFCC Board of Directors appointed a committee, headed by Heber Hadlock, to investigate, explore and recommend a suitable site. The acreage selected was unbelievably favorable for a golf and country club development. The site was located 8 miles south of Idaho Falls, in and adjacent to the gently rolling foothills, with soil many feet deep and practically already contoured for a golf course. The distance for the new club was ideal being only a few minutes drive from downtown, but far enough to insure a degree of privacy.